SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” in theaters now.

With “The Super Mario Bros Movie,” Mario has officially entered Hollywood, as the adventurous mustachioed plumber takes on Bowser alongside Princess Peach for the first time on the big screen.

The animated blockbuster from Illumination, Nintendo and Universal has shoveled in a whopping $400 million and counting within its first week at the global box office, shattering records and scoring the biggest worldwide opening for an animated film. The last time Super Mario Bros. was adapted into a film was in 1993, when Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel’s gritty live-action take on the video game franchise strayed a little too far from the source material for general audiences.

In Variety‘s cover story featuring Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination, and Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros., “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” producers emphasized that their goal with the animated blockbuster was to emulate the player experience rather than “just following the plot points of the video games.”

“Without the involvement of the player, it won’t meet expectations,” Miyamoto said. “We recognized that each fan of the video game has a Mario in themself, as he is the avatar that represents the player.”

With that in mind, they captured the feeling of playing a Mario game, from the frustration of practicing platforming to the exhilaration of honing a Bullet Bill. Plus, the movie is overflowing with references to the games — both obscure and obvious — from music cues to retro Nintendo titles to a post-credits scene that teases the omission of a pivotal character and sets up a sequel.

Below are the top 10 easter eggs in “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”