Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and the estate of Sid Vicious have signed a new global publishing administration agreement with BMG. The deal includes their portion of the pioneering band’s songwriting catalog; singer John Lydon and original bassist Glen Matlock are not involved in the arrangement.

The Pistols barely lasted two years but their influence on music and culture is immense and enduring, best exemplified by their galvanizing 1977 debut album, “Never Mind the Bollocks.” It is indisputably one of the most exciting and influential albums in rock music history.

Michael Howe, BMG’s VP, Music Publishing, said, “Steve, Paul, and Sid’s works with Sex Pistols are among the most important cultural and creative music of the last half-century. Their impact on society and the performing arts is orders of magnitude greater than the group’s incredibly brief lifespan and recorded output would suggest. The band’s influence resonates as deeply today as it did in 1977.” 

Thomas Scherer, President, Repertoire & Marketing, Los Angeles and New York, said, “We are honored Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and Sid Vicious’ estate have chosen BMG to be the publishing home of their musical works with Sex Pistols – the crown jewels of a generation. Cash from chaos!”

With characteristic deadpan humor, Jones said, “Where’s my money?!”

The agreement with BMG includes key singles from the album including ‘Anarchy In The UK’, ‘God Save The Queen’, ‘Pretty Vacant’ and ‘Holidays In The Sun’, plus further originals and covers from ‘The Great Rock & Roll Swindle’ soundtrack album and some essential B- sides in ‘I Wanna Be Me’ (the “flipside” of ‘Anarchy…’), ‘Satellite’ (the b-side of  ‘Holidays In The Sun’) and ‘Did You No Wrong’ (the “b” side of ‘God Save The Queen’).